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Pets & Parks

       Through In the Park with Olmsted: A Vision for Milwaukee exhibition, attendees can learn about the advanced and significant vision Frederick Law Olmsted had for inclusive and accessible parks and green spaces in urban environments across the United States.

       Milwaukee’s three Olmsted Parks—Lake, Riverside, and Washington Parks—launched Milwaukee County’s park system. These and other parks, with their eye-pleasing presentation of nature, winding walkways, and uninterrupted green spaces provide an unparalleled, relaxing, open-air setting for people… and their unconditionally loving companions.

      The Charles Allis and Villa Terrace Art Museums would like to expand our celebration of the beauty and benefits of the park system to include not just us, but for those that so often walk with us: our dogs.

       This section of the Olmsted-Milwaukee website is an invitation to share photos and stories of you and your “best friend” enjoying all that parks offer: a place to run, chase, fetch, roll, bark, and fetch again.

      Please upload your pet-in-the-park photos along with a bit of information about you, your pet, and why you both love the park system. Also, check the events calendar for this exhibition for programming that is people and their pets inclusive.

      We also want to extend our sincere gratitude to Joseph R. Pabst for encouraging this fun facet of the Olmsted-Milwaukee website and for his compassionate and steadfast commitment to pets…and their people.

Share Your Pet Photos and Stories With Us:

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Your Pet Stories and Photos

Humboldt Park, opening to the public in 1891 and originally named "South Park," is at the heart of Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood. I grew up in this park.  Boat rides on the lagoon, tennis courts, wading pools and outdoor concerts at the bandshell.  Still, even with all that, I don't think I love the park as much as Harris does.  Harris wholeheartedly thanks Olmsted for his vision for a park system and green spaces that would be open to everyone.

Photo Caption: Charles Allis Villa Terrace Art Museums Interim Executive Director Neil Albrecht enjoys Milwaukee's Humboldt Park with his dog, a Transylvanian Hound named "Harris.


Joseph Brooks

Cake and then a stroll: Taking advantage of a beautiful Sunday to quietly stroll through the park after a weekend of birthday celebrations. 10 years old!


Julia Taylor

One day in 2013 walking in Lake Park, Stig and our dog, Walker (now deceased), encountered a family of deer. This has always been one of my favorite photos of Walker. He was mesmerized by the deer.


Amanda Nelson

Lolly and I love frequent walks through Washington Park. There are always new friends to make and the lagoon is brimming with all sorts of little souls that are fun to sit and observe!

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